Tested version: SSRS 2017 with Report Builder 2020-01

  1. Open report in Report Builder
    • My example report is matrix report
  2. Select all cells that contain the same information:
  1. First select from Home the correct data type. In this case $.
    • Note that Report Builder has a defect (2020-01): it shows currency types as decimal type. Currency type works still fine.
    • Note 2: You may see values in US$, but ignore that.
  2. Select View –> Properties (if you don’t have it already selected)
  3. In Localization –> Language select your value such as fi-FI
  4. Finnish result for currency is “12 345,67€” and for datetime is “31.1.2020 16.04.01”
  5. If you wish to show currency values without decimals, then under Home tab, press Decrease Decimal twice.
  6. On some places this technique is hard or impossible, such as with graphs labels. With those cases, define Labels –> LabelsFormat as
    • # ##0€”;-# ##0€
    • # ##0″,00€”;”-# ##0,00€
    • yyyy-MM-dd
  7. If you wish to have a date or datetime in different format
    • Right click and select Textbox Properties or Placeholder Properties
    • Select Number
    • Select Category and Type
      • NOTE: At this stage, text may be shown in Finnish or in your original language, but the end result will be Finnish with both cases.
    • If possible, select type with asterisk, because this should support multi-lingual format. So for example value such as *31.1.2000
    • If that is not acceptable, then you can choose value such as 31.tammi 2000, Jan 31, 2000 or write your custom setting such as d.MMM yyyy.